SWAPS SOCKS - a limited edition NFT socks on Binance Smart Chain.
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SWAPS SOCKS - a limited edition NFT socks on Binance Smart Chain.
A socks-backed non-fungible token (NFT) named, SWAPS SOCKS will be created with a maximum supply of 2800.
Conditions for eligibility for SWAPS SOCKS NFT minting:
This NFT will be minted by $SWAPS token holders, who hold at least 1000 $SWAPS at a time of snapshot before launch of the NFTSwaps platform. This could be very far less but the NFTSwaps team reserves the right to hold at least 200 SWAPS SOCKS NFT for liquidity provision and additional 240 SWAPS SOCKS NFT for platform operations and team with 24-month vesting.
SWAPS SOCKS NFT will be minted by snapshot addresses in two batches with a 1-month gap from each other;
Batch 1: a, b and c
a. Whitelisted address who contribute 15 BNB or more in the Seed Sale or Public Sale Community Raise
b. Liquidity allocation. 200 SWAPS SOCKS Liquidity allocation includes some 10 rare SWAPS SOCKS of Unique designs and 190 SWAPS SOCKS of Normal designs.
c. Platform development and Team allocations.
Batch 2: All other eligible snapshot addresses blacklisting the PanCakeSwap or other popular AMM contracts.
Claim the Physical representation SWAPS SOCKS by burning SWAPS SOCKS NFT!
3% of the funds raised from the community raise will be used to provide liquidity for SOCKSX tokens forever. SOCKSX is the BEP20 equivalent of SWAPS SOCKS NFT on NFTSwaps.
More update soon.
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